Last Updated: 19.10.2018

Financial Sector Update

Latvia is committed to continuous innovation, full transparency, and robust anti-money laundering (AML)
compliance across its financial sector. The government is devoted to ensuring an open and regular
exchange of information between the financial sector, the business community, and the international
Below you can see an archive of newsletters that provide a regular update on the transformation of the
Latvian financial sector, including the latest programmes, initiatives, and legislative processes that are
driving reforms in Latvian banking and finance.
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Issue No. 1 (10 August 2018)          Web version   PDF

Issue No. 2 (27 August 2018)          Web version   PDF

Issue No. 3 (11 September 2018)   Web version   PDF

Issue No. 4 (1 October 2018)          Web version   PDF

Issue No. 5 (18 October 2018)        Web version   PDF